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IFB Food

Our menu is constantly evolving, so check back often to see what we have to offer. We also have a selection of non-alcoholic drinks including, water, sparkling water, juices and more.

Snacks & Salad

3 Bavarian Soft Pretzel Sticks w/ Craft Beer Cheese Dip & Brewpub Mustard

IFB Nachos w/ Cheddar, Monterey Jack Cheese, Onions, & Jalapenos w/ side of Sour Cream & Salsa (+add chili $3)

Hummus w/ Tortilla Chips & Fresh Veggies

Chips & Salsa

Jill’s Buffalo Chicken Dip
w/ Chips & celery

Grilled Cheese Dippers w/ Tomato Bisque

Beef Chili w/ Cheddar, Sour Cream & Tortilla Chips

Tomato Basil Bisque, w/ Naan

Mixed Greens Salad w/ Feta, Craisins, Almond Slices, Red Onion & Cucumber served with Balsamic Vinaigrette (+Add Boar's Head Deli Chicken, Ham, or Turkey $2)

Paninis & Pizza

Each served on Sourdough bread with bag of chips & dill pickle

Gremlin:  Grilled cheese w/ American
LVCC:  Ham, Cheddar, Granny Smith Apple & Honey Mustard
The Buzzell: Hummus, Feta, Spinach, Roasted Red Peppers, & a drizzle of Balsamic Glaze on Grilled Naan.
The Chevalo:  Turkey, Bacon, Cheddar & Chipotle Mayo
The Eagle:  Roasted Chicken Breast, Cheddar, Jalapenos, & BBQ Sauce

*All made on a 12” Artisan Pizza Crust

Cheese:  Tomato Sauce & Mozzarella
Pepperoni:  Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella, & Pepperoni
Veggie:  Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella, Mushrooms, Peppers, & Onions
Pesto, Mozzarella, Sliced Tomatoes
Hawaiian:  Tomato Sauce, Ham, & Pineapple
BBQ Chicken & Bacon:  BBQ Sauce, Cheddar & Mozzarella, Chicken, Bacon, & Jalapenos

Buffalo Chicken:  Jill's Buffalo Chicken Dip, Cheddar & Mozzarella, drizzle of Ranch & Scallions



Brownie or Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae: w/ scoop of Homemade Bishop’s Vanilla Ice Cream, drizzle of hot fudge, & Whipped Cream

Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich:  Bishop’s Vanilla Ice Cream sandwiched between two Chocolate Chip Cookies